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A Turn-Key Sponsorship / Social Media  System for Trade Show Organizers


Installation & Dismantle

Installation and dismantle require about 5 hours and 3 hours respectively with two people. We provide one person to supervise installation, operation and dismantle at no charge. Installation and dismantle labor are hired and paid for by our customers.

Electrical Requirements

WideEmotion da Vinci uses very little power considering its size because of its advanced  technology. Only 30 amps of 120 volts, ordinary household current is required. The low power requirement will save you money and help protect the environment.


WideEmotion da Vinci ships in four pieces. Its total shipping weight is approximately 1,900 lbs and shipping class is CL125. You can use your own carrier or we can deliver it to your event and pick it up for you. You get to choose the less expensive option. Drayage is your responsibility.

Video File Specifications

The required video size and format are 1296 pixels (w) by 324 pixels (h)  H.264 MOV file. Videos can have audio. We help our customers prepare their own videos or we do the content design for them with the pictures, text and video they send us.

Silicone Edge Graphic Panel Artwork Specifications

The two Silicon Edge Graphic panels (SEG) backlit print graphics can either be used for event branding or you can offer it to one of your major sponsors. The specifications for the artwork file for these graphics are as follows:




VS:  1500 mm H  by 2950 mm L

MS:  1525 mm H  by 2975 mm L


(including  the bleeding  difference 12.5 mm on each side) File types: TIF/JPG/PDF  Resolution: 200 DPI or greater. Bleed: Bleed difference 12.5mm on all sides as indicated below (no crop marks) Color: CMYK color space Legend: VS: Visual size, MS: Marginal size, H: High, L: Long


The best place for WideEmotion is a high traffic area such as the registration area or near main entrances to the exhibit halls. If you are planning to use WideEmotion within the exhibit hall, consider placing it at the end of a main aisle. WideEmotion can be used in bright spaces such as the lobby of a convention center with lots of windows. WideEmotion is designed for indoor use and cannot be used outside.


We will provide one person, at no cost to you, to turn the system on and turn it off every day. Most event organizers run WideEmotion starting with the first day of the on-site registration and run it daily during registration and show hours.


We will provide a key quantitative metric called the Number of Impressions (NI) to help your customers assess value. The Number of Impressions is the total number of times a sponsor's video spot plays at a given event. NI is calculated as follows:


NI = [60/LL] x H




LL=The overall length of the loop in minutes

H=The total number of hours WideEmotion runs at the event


For a typical 4 day event, the number of impressions for a 30 second sponsorship is about 250. For a 60 second sponsorship inserted as two 30 second spots, the number of impressions will be about 500.



Active screen dimensions for WideEmotion are 19.7 ft wide by 4.92 ft tall (96.9 square feet). Overall length for the entire system with two (SEG) print graphic panel and the tower is 40 ft.

Complimentary Pre-sales Support for Event Organizers

We provide complimentary pre-sales support to help you sell sponsorship spots to your exhibitors. Support materials include custom explainer video spots, custom PDF sell-sheets and custom FlipBooks.  We can also sell WideEmotion to your exhibitors using our sales staff if you already have too much on your plate. This is decided on a case by case basis. Here are a few pre-sales videos from previous shows.


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