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A Turn-Key Sponsorship / Social Media  System for Trade Show Organizers

Sponsorship Content + Social Media + Event information = WideEmotion

The new WideEmotion features two back-lit SEG graphic panels, the same brilliant 20 ft-wide LED Video Screen as before with lower installation, drayage and shipping costs.  The New WideEmotion is more than hardware; this system comes bundled with every support service you can imagine to implement it in a tight budget  Here is a quick peek at the new WideEmotion.

Watch the WideEmotion Explainer Video

Serving Trade Show Organizers Since 2007

Event organizers and exhibitors of all sizes have been using WideEmotion since 2007. WideEmotion's appeal reaches both well-known, large corporations and much smaller exhibitors with only a 10 by 10 booth. This broad interest has been a cornerstone for many event organizers to add WideEmotion to their show.


Even though the technology and the form factor of WideEmotion have evolved since 2007, our spirit of cooperation with event organizers and our sense of partnership in driving our clients' business success have not changed. Explore the new WideEmotion to learn how it can add to your success.

Social Media on WideEmotion

Social media and WideEmotion are perfect together. Watch our introduction below.

Event Organizers

Offer a cutting edge new sponsorship opportunity to your exhibitors.

Broadcast live Tweets and Instagram posts. Use it as a central communication hub at your event.

Display shuttle information, show schedule, event activities, rules and regulations.

Create a new revenue source for your event and increase your show ROI.

Recognize award winners or corporate contributors.

Promote your event and your organization to your attendees on-site.

Create awareness about your organization’s services to your members and customers.

Build and reinforce a high-tech, well connected, current and progressive image for your event.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Stand out at the show.

Send traffic to your booth.

Announce new product launches.

Build your brand and create a buzz about your company.

We Offer Much More than Hardware

WideEmotion da Vinci is much more than hardware. It comes with every support service you will need to implement it without burdening your staff and your resources. With complimentary pre-sales support, content design services, assistance with location selection and complimentary on-site help, now you can add WideEmotion to your show with full confidence.


WideEmotion da Vinci

Sponsorship System

We provide complimentary and custom pre-sales videos for our customers.  You can view samples of complimentary pre-sales videos on the FAQ and Specs page.

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